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Zoom International is a leading pulse exporter based in Tamilnadu who provide 100% natural and best quality pulses to our customers worldwide. Our organic farming methods and pro nature farming practices ensure that our products are of superior quality and are enriched with high nutrient values.

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Our Traditional 5 Steps

Cleaning Stones & Impurities - 1

Cleaning lines can remove impurities such as mud balls, black stones, dirt, etc. Magnetic Destoner is able to remove impurities through its magnetic power.


Oil Processing and Split Creation - 2

In this method of treatment, soaking are considered as effective technique to loosen the husk. This method has the advantage of facilitating dehusking and splitting the cotyledons, giving less breakage.

Dryer Process - 3
24 -48 Hrs

Dry milling treatment is reported to produce dal that cooks faster, however, losses due to broken and powdering are high. In dry method, oil/water application followed by drying are important steps in processing of pulses.

Dehusking - 4

As a result of milling, dehusked whole grains, split cotyledons, husk and powder are obtained. Whole grains are passed again for further dehusking. Husk produced during milling is generally separated with the help of aspirator and are used as cattle feed.


Sortex - 5

The dal is sorted based on the quality after milling process.





“Good quality is not a promise, but an assurance. The fact that we process the whole range of products within our own production facilities.”

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Better agriculture for
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    Agriculture Practices and growing crops without the use of chemicals ensures perseverance of biodiversity.

  • 02

    Sustainable farming includes farm practices that do not harm the environment and uses resources like water, soil and electricity optimally.

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    Sustainable agriculture or farming means improving farm productivity using such practices that do not harm the environment.

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